Roland VG99

Roland VG99, Guitar Synthesizer

Item number: 100046072
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Guitar Synthesizer • Guitar Effects Modelling System with Dual COSM Modelling Engines, Dynamic Control, and GT-Pro-class Effects • COSM-modelled guitars and amplifiers • Control switching between virtual guitars and/or amps by foot controllers, buttons/knobs, or picking dynamics • Alternate guitar tunings • Designed for easy control onstage • Guitar-to-MIDI converter • The Roland VG-99 guitar synthesizer contains a range of COSM-modelled guitars and amplifiers including electric, acoustic and bass guitar models, and a new GR-300 synth wave. It models two signal paths at once. Complete dual processing of guitar modelling on the VG-99 allows you to play two different guitar sounds simultaneously. For example, one virtual guitar could be a Strat in a Tweed amplifier with full effects and the other a nylon-string guitar with reverb. Both modelled guitar and amplifier paths can be active at the same time, or they can be dynamically switched or blended. Control the switching between virtual guitars and/or amplifiers by foot controllers, buttons/knobs on the VG99, or according to picking dynamics. The Roland VG-99 can produce custom tunings on any virtual guitar. A virtual electric guitar could be tuned down four or five steps for a heavy sound, while a nylon string could be tuned as a 12-string, and also tuned down four or five steps. Open and drop tunings are also supported as well as user defined custom tunings and can be applied to any COSM virtual guitar. The VG-99 includes an onboard guitar-to-MIDI converter for direct connection to keyboards, sound modules, and soft synths. Audio output via USB or S/PDIF digital output, stereo XLR and 1/4-inch outputs.
  • Dual modelling engines allow guitar and amp models to be dynamically switched, layered and combined
  • COSM electric, acoustic and bass guitar models, and synth waves such as the GR-300
  • Guitar-to-MIDI converter for direct connection to keyboards, sound modules, soft synths, computers, and other MIDI compatible devices
  • Supports USB audio and MIDI for digital recording and sequencing
  • Dual GT-Pro-class effects processor enables unequalled flexible tone creation
  • Performance controls, including D BEAM, V-LINK, and Ribbon Controller
  • Simple and intuitive knob based interface and new design support live performance
  • Graphical Editor software included to support sophisticated sound making
  • Versatile I/O including USB, S/PDIF, and XLR provide pro connections for stage and studio recording

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