Roland DT-1

Roland DT-1, Educational Software

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Educational Software • V-Drums Tutorial Software • Learn how to drum using your Roland V-Drum electronic drum kit • Specifically designed to work with any V-Drum kit • Includes traditional notation and fun practice games screens • Timing and stroke displays give you instant visual feedback • Appropriate for drummers of all skill levels • Loaded with 60 preset songs and 57 drum patterns that make learning to play fun • SMF Standard MIDI File lets you load up your own custom practice patterns and songs • Compatible with both Mac and Windows • Learn drumming step-by-step from beginning to intermediate levels while playing along to 60 preset songs and practicing 57 basic drum patterns. Roland's DT-1 drum tutorial software makes learning how to drum with your V-Drums simple. Connect your V-Drums to your computer via any MIDI interface, load up DT-1, and you're ready to practice with 60 preset songs and over 50 drum grooves. A colourful graphic interface and step by step lessons make learning timing and accuracy fun.
  • 60 Preset songs and 57 basic drum patterns to build drumming skills
  • Notation and game screens teach you how to play drums
  • Colourful correction mark and scores display timing accuracy
  • Dynamic Bar Graph displays stroke balance
  • Easy installation of your favorite SMF data for custom practice
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows