Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro

Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro, Microphone

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Microphone • others • Type: On-camera • Transducer principle: Condenser • Frequency range: 40 Hz - 20 kHz • Max. SPL: 135/145 dB SPL (0 / -10 dB) at k=0,5 % • Features: Ideal SLR video microphone • Including: Shock mount • Microphone Type: X/Y Stereo Condenser • Record music and atmospheric ambience •
Polar Pattern: Cardioid • Frequency Response: 40Hz-20kHz • Output Impedance: 200 Ohms • Signal to Noise Ratio: 73 dB SPL A-weighted • Two step high-pass filter: 0, 75Hz • Pads: -10 dB, 0 dB, +20 dB • Dimensions: 5.1" x 2.6" x 4.25" • Weight: .25 lbs. • Power: 1 x 9V Battery • Stereo On-camera Microphone • The Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro is a X-Y coincident stereo condenser cardiod microphone designed for use with camcorders, DSLR cameras and portable audio recorders as a source of primary and reference audio and features broadcast audio quality and integrated shock mounting. The XY configuration enables the Stereo VideoMic Pro to capture the ambience of the recording while providing a high level of rear rejection and low noise. The cardiod Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro improves the VideoMic microphone with an additional three position level control. The Video Mic Pro Stereo has a camera shoe mount with a 3/8-inch thread for mounting on a boompole. Only 5-inch long and 4 oz in weight, the Video Mic Pro Stereo is extremely portable. The integrated shock mounting prevents camera handling noise from being picked up, and the 80Hz hi-pass filter cuts wind noise without affecting the overall sound of the recording. The -10dB level PAD is ideal for recording loud sound sources like live music, motorsport, or interviews where the subject is very close to the camera. The +20dB level boost is designed for use with DSLR cameras such as the Canon 5DMkII, Canon 7D, Canon 1D, Canon 550D/T2i, Canon 60D, Nikon D7000, Nikon D5100, Panasonic GH1 and Panasonic GH2. This +20dB boost in the microphone output allows the user to reduce the mic-input level, reducing the amount of noise generated by the camera's comparatively low quality audio circuitry. The Rode Video Mic Pro Stereo microphone is perfect for use with a video camera, its compact form and impeccable stereo imaging makes it a great XY stero microphone for capturing foley and field recordings. Use it with any recorder with a mini-jack microphone input, or use an adapter cable to connect it to any standard microphone input.
  • Stereo on-camera microphone
  • Compact video microphone with stereo X/Y pickup pattern
  • Matched pair of high sensitivity 1/2-inch cardioid condenser capsules in a coincident XY pair
  • Designed for ambient recording with consumer and pro-sumer cameras
  • Small size and weight Video Mic Pro Stereo for videographers
  • Stereo mini-jack output is compatible with virtually any video camera or portable recorder
  • Integrated shockmount and windshield reduce handling noise and wind noise
  • Boompole mountable
  • RF/EMI shielded cable and electronics for extremely low radio interference
  • Powered by 1 x 9V battery for more than 100 hours use with alkaline battery