Reloop Terminal Mix 2 Serato DJ Bundle

Reloop Terminal Mix 2 Serato DJ Bundle, DJ-Controller

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DJ-Controller • DJ Controller • Buit-In Audio Interface: yes • Analog inputs: 1 Line / 1 microphone • Outputs: 1 balanced TRS / 1 Line / 1 Headphones • Number of Decks: 2 • Software: Serato DJ and Serato Video SL • Dimensions W/H/D: 440 x 44 x 320 mm • Weight: 3,7 kg • Special Features: SERATO DJ Performance Controller • Accessories: USB cable, Serato DJ Intro • From now on Terminal Mix 2 is available as a hardware bundle! The limited-edition package includes the terminal and Serato DJ Mix and the video plug-in Serato Video. The Serato software is now available for download on available. The new features of Serato DJ include: - Dedicated 4-deck control for advanced mixing techniques - Extensive effect of the precious bundle plug-wrought iZotope (delay, echo, ping-pong delay, reverb, phaser, flanger, distortion, high pass, low pass and a combined filter) - Control up to 8 cue points and loops, and 6 samples at 4 banks - Flexible MIDI assignment for custom mappings - Easy recording of mix sets by Sound recorder - Synchronizable sample bank with 6 slots for unusual Sample Action - Vast loop options Mix in Terminal 2, a 2-channel mixer is integrated, allowing the next 3-band EQ with intelligent kill technique and filter modulation and gain per channel. The cross fader curve can be adjusted easily on the front. The master section is adjacent to the popular Trax Encoder equipped with four convenient management buttons which allow a mouse-free access to playlists, crates or other views. The desired track can be quickly loaded with the Load button in the deck - a fader start function can also be activated. Another highlight is the newly developed, ultra-flat aluminum jog platters with an XXL diameter of 15.5 cm, which were refined with a non-slip grip vinyl coating. With 3 modes (Pitch Bend / Vinyl / Quick Search) can either pitched, scratched, or track in Quick Search mode to be searched. Trigger Action Deluxe: The entire transport section is equipped with a fully rubberized keys that have a comfortable pressure point and is extremely resilient. The Performance section comes with a total of 8 buttons on 2 layers and can be used widely. In layer 4 can hot cues fired and 4 sample decks are triggered. In the second layer, depending on the software you use, for example, on hot cues / samples be accessed 5-8 - with future software updates, this section can be extended to 'live remixing' with further performance modes (Cut'n'Slice). Expand your creativity and flexibility provides the comprehensive effects section, which is equipped with 3 Rotaries, 1 endless encoders and 4 buttons. Even the Smart Loop section, put in the fast beat-accurate loops, can be changed in the cycle length, or moving with four control elements luxuriously equipped. First built Reloop also a 14-bit pitch faders with 100 mm, which was requested by many DJs and reacts ultra precise. Power House Interface: The audio section there is extensive connectivity options for your club master PA (including balanced output jacks), zoning, and a DJ booth system. Practically the 2 headphone jacks are (6.3 mm & 3.5 mm), which can be regulated with a 1-band equalizer. Also, a microphone connector with 1-fold EQ for MCs, moderators or singer was integrated, which can be set with a flexible routing circuit. In addition, a record player, CD/MP3 player or iPhone / iPod can be connected to the aux input and the master or routed in software! Terminal Mix is ​​plug'n'play ready with Serato DJ. Traktor Pro 2 mappings are also available.