Reloop Controller Case PRO

Reloop Controller Case PRO, DJ Accessories

Item number: 10046903
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DJ Accessories • Professional Controller Case specially matched to the Digital Jockey • Suitable for all current DJ controller • Removable panel on the front • Exceptionally rugged construction • Extract laptop, locked • In the controller area generous space for accessories • Round protective angles • Protective padding • The Reloop Controller Case from the PRO series has been adapted to the Reloop Digital Jockey. Of course, the case can also be used with other popular controllers. The familiar robust construction protects the precious equipment even during frequent and long transports. The removable panel on the front of the case allows full access to all controls. Also convenient is the free space beneath the controller area, there can be stowed easily lots of accessories. Finally, this case is by the laptop extract. Thus there is another controller and a laptop in close proximity, which makes the hook a lot more comfortable.
  • Size: 480 x 210 x 410 mm
  • Weight: 7.2 kg