Regal Guitars RD-40M Resonator

Regal Guitars RD-40M Resonator, Dobro/Resonator

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Dobro/Resonator • Body Material: Mahogany • Resonator: Single cone • Bridge: Biscuit-bridge • Neck: Round neck mahogany • Colour / Finish: Natural • Engraving: Small engraving • The top of the Studio line consists of the brand new RD-40 Series Dobros. Everything from the inside out has been upgraded to meet the demands of professionals. While the body shape is reminiscent of those made in California in the 1930's, the guts have been redesigned to include the exclusive "Power Reflex" sound chamber for increased volume and unsurpassed tone. The RD-40M has a Natural Mahogany finish. About Regal Dobros & Resonators: The name Regal has been associated with Resonator Guitars since the 1920s. Saga, bringers of the celebrated Blueridge and Gitane guitars, have applied the same dedication to quality to this range of Resonator Guitars, now available in the UK.
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