Radial Tonebone Switchbone

Radial Tonebone Switchbone, Little Helper

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Little Helper • Switcher • AB-Y Class-A switcher with Built-in Power Boost Circuit and Mid Control • Class-A AB-Y switcher • Noiseless photocell switching between amplifiers • Drag control pickup load correction • Built-in Power Boost circuit with mid control • Transformer isolated to eliminate ground loops • The Radial Tonebone JX-2 Switchbone is a unity gain pre-amplifier that takes the output signal from the guitar and duplicates this signal at the two amplifier outputs while also sending a signal to the tuner output. The Switchbone allows your guitar to drive and control two amplifiers without introducing noise, distortion, clicks or pops while retaining the natural sound and feel of your guitar. The Radial JX-2 Switchbone has a variable Power Boost circuit for gain boost, mid-boost or a combination. A toggle-mode foot switch with large flashing LED indicators makes switching or combining amps easy. A separate Tuner out is provided to keep the tuner circuit out of the audio path. To eradicate switch noise, the Radial Switchbone uses a series of opto-couplers instead of relays. The opto-couplers are electronic switches that are controlled by the foot switch and perform the same function as a relay. The Switchbone has two amplifier outputs. Output A is a direct output and should be connected to the newest amplifier, as this is where the Switchbone will be grounded. Output B is transformer isolated and is equipped with a ground lift switch and polarity reverse. Transformer isolation removes hum and buzz caused by ground-loops. The Radial JX-2 Switchbone's signal path is pure Class-A for minimal colouration. Class-A circuits are the preferred for tube guitar amplifiers and due to their natural sound. Radial's JX-2 Switchbone does not use chips or op-amps in the primary audio circuit. The Switchbone amplifies the guitar signal so that the incoming level from the guitar is duplicated at both guitar amplifier outputs and the tuner output. The problem here is that the relationship between the guitar pickup and amplifier is lost. The JX-2 Switchbone's exceptionally clean Class-A circuit is in fact too perfect: It provides a perfect load on the guitar pick-up and a perfect source impedance to the amplifier. Drag Control solves this problem by reintroducing a load on the pickup, which fools the pickup into thinking it is connected directly to the amplifier.