Radial Tonebone Loopbone

Radial Tonebone Loopbone, Little Helper

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Little Helper • Subcategory: Audio Looper •
    2 separate FX Loops with Slingshot Remote Control • Drag Control Pickup Load Correction • VariBoost controllable Class-A Boost • Slingshot remote control • The Radial Tonebone Loopbone brings order to you effects pedalboard. The compact and easy to operate switcher features two footswitchable effects loops to create two completely different signal paths. 100% descret class-A studio quality circuitry. Drag control lets you to dial-in the right amount of pickup loading that was lost due to effects pedals buffered inputs. With Drag load-correction, your guitar feels responsive again. Slingshot is a remote control function that allows you to assign the Slingshot remote to any of the two effects loops or the power booster and when depressed, can cause a remote device to change status. The Radial Tonebone Loopbone switcher provides alternate signal paths for your effect pedals, plus a VariBoost controllable Class-A power booster circuit.
      Control two independent effects loop chains Variable boost function for soloing Act as a remote footswitch control for your amplifier, multi-effects processor or other Tonebone pedals such as the Headbone and Cabbone Drag control to correct the load of the guitar pickups and match the tone of your guitar as if connected directly to your amplifier Three Slingshot remote output assign switches set up the Slingshot remote output to work with virtually all types of amplifiers that have a footswitch input Power boost footswitch activates the Class-A power booster for up to 15dB of gain