Radial BigShot Mix FX Loop

Radial BigShot Mix FX Loop, Little Helper

Item number: 10063447
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Little Helper • Audio Looper • Active class-A effects loop • True-bypass effects mixer • Mix any effect into your signal path • Class-A circuit retains natural tone of guitar • Switches effects loop parallel to original signal • Buffered loop to reduce pedal noise • Compact and rugged for pedalboards • Bright LED status indicator • 14 gauge steel construction, double sided PC board and a heavy duty footswitch • The Radial BigShot Mix active class-A effects loop mixer allows you to mix the direct sound of a guitar with effects the same way that a mixing console lets you add reverb to a vocal. The BigShot Mix works like an auxiliary send on a mixing console. This is an advantage with instruments that rely on their natural tone like acoustic and bass guitars. Introduce effects pedals to the signal path without the noise and artifacts caused by their less than ideal circuitry and cheap buffer circuits. A MIX control adjusts the balance between your unprocessed dry sound and the effect. Two position POLARITY switch compensates for effect pedals that invert their outputs to prevent phase cancellation. 100% discreet pure class-A circuitry. The BigShot MIX is powered by a standard 9V adaptor with a negative center conductor.