Radial BigShot Mix EFX

Radial BigShot Mix EFX, Little Helper

Item number: 10063449
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Little Helper • Audio Looper • Switch between two effects loops • Remove noisy pedals out of the signal chain • Create true-bypass signal path with all pedals • Second loop can be used as a tuner output for quiet on-stage tuning • 100% passive without any buffering or loading • The Radial BigShot EFX is a true-bypass effects loop switcher that allows you set up two separate effects loops and insert them into your pedal chain when needed. Noisy pedals and non true-bypass effects pedals can be completely removed from the signal path when they are not in use, maintaining your guitar's tone. Each loop features its own true bypass footswitch. When the footswitches are in their bypass position the guitar signal passes through the switch as if hardwired. The BigShot EFX is completely passive and does not require any power supply. Because the the BigShot EFX is passive it can be safely used in your amplifier's effects loop. This will double the amplifier's effects loop capacity. Most effects loops in amplifiers use buffers to condition the signal. If this is followed by another buffer, distortion can occur. The BigShot EFX’s bufferless design makes it perfect for this application. The Radial BigShot EFX is passive while the Radial Loopbone switcher employs active buffering. The EFX is designed for guitarists that prefer a direct guitar-to-amplifier connection. The Loopbone is designed for guitarists that need to run longer cables, want to eliminate all switching noises and do not want to deal with loading issues.
  • INPUT: 1/4-inch jack connects the guitar cable
  • SEND and RETURN 1: 1/4-inch output and input jacks for the first effects loop
  • SEND and RETURN 2: 1/4-inch output and input jacks for the second effects loop
  • FOOTSWITCH 1: turns LOOP-1 on and off
  • FOOTSWITCH 2: turns LOOP-2 on and off
  • OUTPUT: 1/4-inch jack connects to your amplifier
  • LOOP-1 LIFT Switch: reduces ground loop hum by disconnecting the ground at the RETURN-1 jack
  • LOOP-2 LIFT Switch: reduces ground loop hum by disconnecting the ground at the RETURN-2 jack
  • LOOP-2 MUTE Switch: converts LOOP-2 into a mute function to allow silent tuning