Radial BigShot I/O Instrument Switcher

Radial BigShot I/O Instrument Switcher, Little Helper

Item number: 10063446
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Little Helper • Switcher • True bypass instrument selector • Toggle two guitars with single foot stomp • Use for instruments and hi-Z line-level signal switching • Adjustable volume control to match levels • 100% true-bypass • Separate tuner output and mute switch • Compact and rugged • Load compensation for long cables • The Radial BigShot i/o is a passive instrument selector switch that lets you transition between any two instruments and drive the signal to your amplifier. Input-2 features a DIM level control that reduces the signal from the louder of the two instruments so that both instruments are matched to the same volume level when they reach the amplifier. A Bright switch compensates for high frequency loss due to longer cables with passive instruments. A Mute switch turns off the sound going to the amplifier during tuning. 100% true-bypass to maintain signal purity.