Radial BigShot ABY Switcher

Radial BigShot ABY Switcher, Little Helper

Item number: 10063445
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Little Helper • Switcher • True Bypass ABY Switcher for Guitar Amplifiers • Ground lift switch • Phase / polarity switch • Tuner output • Passive, no power supply or batteries required • Radial BigShot ABY is an ultra-compact, 100% passive foot switch that provides true bypass ABY amplifier switching with A or B toggle and A + B combine functionality. Toggles between two guitar amplifiers or play them both at the same time. The guitar signal is routed directly to the amplifier without any buffering, loading or tone altering circuits. A built-in transformer can be engaged to eliminate ground loop causing humm. Ensure your two amplifiers are properly in phase using the 180-degree polarity reverse switch. Completely passive, the BigShot ABY switcher does not require powering to make it work. An ABY switcher is a type of switcher that allows switching between A and B choices, as well as a third choice, such as A+B combination.
  • True bypass ABY amplifier selector with tuner output
  • Toggle between 2 guitar amps or play both at once
  • Transformer to eliminate ground loop buzz
  • 180-degree polarity reverse to phase-match amplifiers
  • Output B has ground-lift, polarity reverse, isolation transformer
  • Compact and rugged for pedalboards