Presonus  MSR for Firestudio

Presonus MSR for Firestudio, Audio interface

Item number: 100041290
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Audio interface • Accessories • Design: Desktop • Special Features: Desktop control center for connection to the FireStudio • Main volume control • built-in talkback microphone • 3 operation (recording, mixing, surround sound) • 3 source button (S / PDIF, Main, Aux) • 3 selectable output pairs to switch the monitors • 2 headphone amplifier as well as buttons for dim, mute and mono • The PreSonus MSR Monitor Station Remote is the optional complete surround-capable desktop remote control for the PreSonus FireStudio FireWire audio interface that gives you the ability to switch between Track, Mix, and Surround modes, as well as a talkback, dim, mute, mono, and dual headphone amplifiers. MRS delivers total control of your monitors, mixes, and communication with the band. Track Mode delivers nine stereo mixes for headphone monitoring during tracking sessions, Mix Mode allows the user to switch between three sets of stereo monitors, and Surround Mode enables 5.1 surround control for mixing in surround sound.