Presonus D8

Presonus D8, Mic. Preamp

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Mic. Preamp • Number of channels: 8 • Available dynamic modules: - • Available filter modules: - • Phantom Power: 48 V • Converter/Bitrate: 24 Bit resolution, 44.1 and 48 kHz • Features: Built-in ADAT Interface • Displays: LED • Inputs and Outputs: 8 x XLR Microphone inputs and 2 x 1/4-inch Jack Line-In • External Dimensions: 19"/1U • Optional accesories: n/a •
    ADAT optical light pipe converter with 8 microphone preamplifiers • Class A • 24-Bit 48kHz • PreSonus expands their DigiMAX line with the DigiMAX D8, a 24-bit 48kHz ADAT optical light pipe interface that serves as an add-on to an existing lightpipe-equipped system. The DigiMAX D8 is equipped with eight Class A XMAX microphone preamps for pristine sound on the front end, and eight analog direct outputs for patching your signal out to external gear. As a front end or as a lightpipe expansion to your existing system, the DigiMAX D8 is perfect for almost any studio. If your audio interface is equipped with ADAT optical lightpipe, the Presonus DigiMAX D8 is the perfect way to expand your Input/Output. And with eight Class A XMAX preamps, the DigiMAX D8 has some of the best preamps available in this price range.
      8 XMAX class A microphone preamps with trim control 24-bit resolution ADAT digital output 44.1 and 48K sampling rates External sync via BNC word clock input Direct outputs on every channel LED input metering -20dB Pad on every channel