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Richter Harmonica Suzuki M-20 Manji E
Richter Harmonica Suzuki M-20 Manji ERichter Harmonica Suzuki M-20 Manji ERichter Harmonica Suzuki M-20 Manji E

Suzuki M-20 Manji E

  • Key: E
  • Tuning: Major
  • Number of reeds: 20
  • Coverplate finishing: stainless steel
  • Material body: Wood/Resin
  • Reed Material: Brass/Phosphour-Bronze
  • Including: Case

Suzuki M-20 Manji E · Richter Harmonica

When the Suzuki M-20 Manji Harp appeared in 2009, it soon set a new standard in the blues harp area. This harmonica was named after the Suzuki founder Mr. Manji Suzuki.

Their precision in the machining of the electrically welded reeds and the small tolerances, as well as the unique wood / resin body and the superbly shaped stainless steel sound cover made the Manji Harp a hit right away.

A variety of harmonica players love the sound of wooden bodies. However, wood is susceptible to moisture and can deform if the body is not well insulated.
That's why Suzuki chose a daring approach: they created a pulpit body material that combines the robustness of a plastic pulpit body with the warm sound of a wood pulpit body. This resulting material simulates the feel and the sound of wood and consists of only 50% natural wood fibers.

The Manji Harp is designed according to the wishes of blues and rock harmonica players. The sound covers are open to the rear, resulting in a special projection of the sound.

Overall, the Manji Harp has a very dynamic tone, a long durability (also due to the proportion of phosphour bronze in the reeds) and an easy playing behavior, especially with overblowing.

It is therefore suitable for both professional use and for the amateur player.


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