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Shaker Nino 562 Eggshaker

Nino 562 Eggshaker

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  • Design: Egg-Shaker
  • For children: yes
  • Material: Wood
  • Color/ Finish: Natural
  • Packing unit: 1 Piece
  • Egg shape

Nino 562 Eggshaker · Shaker

NINO® Egg Shakers are vital to every percussion collection. They have an extremely pronounced and crystal clear sound.

NINO® Wood Egg Shakers are very handy because of their shape. They also have a great sound with various pitches depending on their size.

Size: Small
Material: Rubber Wood (Hevea brasiliensis Muell.-Arg.)

The new generation of musical instruments for early childhood education.
NINO® instruments meet exactly the requirements of early childhood education and are perfectely suitable for the use in kindergartens, schools, music therapy and for musical activities at home.
The easy handling and an appealing design are standard for all NINO® instruments.
They are noteworthy due to their professional features, the great sound and their outstanding quality. The strong, childproof workmanship guarantees years of trouble-free use of all NINO® instruments.

Children and Music
When children establish a strong connection to music in the first stages of development, it often results in a lifelong love of music. Nino® Percussion instruments were designed to be easy to play, quickly bringing out a child´s natural rhythmic ability, and showing them how much fun it is to make music!

Scientific Facets
Scientific studies have proven that exposure to music during early childhood has positive effects on children´s development. Studies on elementary school children have shown that making music improves creativity and concentration. Making music in a group setting enhances the ability to work as a team, with discipline, tolerance and a deeper appreciation for others.
Furthermore, studies done in the United States have found that playing an instrument can improve important foundations for mathematic and scientific subjects, as well as the ability to think in abstract and analytical terms.
Learning to read and play music is one of the most complex human abilities that require a wide range of mental, emotional, and cognitive thought processes and fine motor skills.

NINO® instruments are in every respect functional and well-sounding instruments at an affordable price, so they can be played by the price-conscious student who is looking for a better quality instrument.

The name NINO® is owned by the company Roland Meinl Musikinstrumente GmbH & Co. KG, which is one of the leading and most innovative manufacturers in the range of professional percussion instruments.
Experience gained from highly qualified production facilities together with an excellent knowledge of the music sector helped us in developing a completely new line of instruments.


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