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Richter Harmonica Hohner Meisterklasse MS C
Richter Harmonica Hohner Meisterklasse MS CRichter Harmonica Hohner Meisterklasse MS C

Hohner Meisterklasse MS C

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  • Key: C
  • Tuning: Major
  • Number of reeds: 20
  • Coverplate finishing: Chrome Plated
  • Material body: Aluminium
  • Reed plate material: Brass, nickel plated
  • Reed Material: Brass
  • Reed plate thickness: 1,05 mm
  • Length: 10,5 cm
  • Special Features: Modular system
  • Including: Harmonica, Hard Case
  • Notice: Harmonicas are generally excluded from exchange for hygienic reasons!

Hohner Meisterklasse MS C · Richter Harmonica

Meisterklasse MS, A-major from Hohner

The abbreviation ‘MS’ stands for Modular System, a totally new concept in harmonica design from Hohner. MS harmonicas incorporate technical innovations which not only make them play better, but also improve handling and ease of maintenance. All MS components (comb, reedplates and covers) are compatible with one another, so that parts from different models can be combined to suit the individual requirements of the player. All components are secured with screws, allowing rapid and easy assembly and disassembly.

Hohner’s top professional model. Chrome-plated covers, nickel-plated reedplates, aluminum comb. Extremely airtight, excellent response. Clear, powerful sound.

Key: A-major
Reeds: 20
Reed plates: Brass nickel plated 1.05 mm
Comb: Aluminium

Hohner Meisterklasse
Hohner master class - timeless elegance

Aesthetics, haptics, sound. Elegantly chrome-plated covers extend over the entire length of the anodised aluminium comb for a beautiful, ergonomically shaped instrument that lies perfectly in hand and ensures maximum playing comfort. Equipped with extra thick reedplates for a stronger sound, the Hohner master class MS sounds as good as it looks. Clear, pure tone and fast response across the entire range.

MS Series

Lonesome melodies, driving rhythms or the inimitable sound of Bendings: the harmonica is perfectly suited to create emotionally charged sound worlds. It manages to conjure images of infinite vastness as well as the pulsating atmosphere of a sweaty nightclub or the relaxed familiarity of a campfire - and is perfectly suited for expressive genres like folk, blues, rock and pop.

With the Hohner MS series you will be able to explore the whole spectrum.
The abbreviation "MS" on the instrument stands for Modular System, a holistic concept for the Hohner harmonica designs. MS mouth organs benefit from innovations that improve the playing characteristics as well as making care and handling much easier. All MS components (comb, reedplates and lid) can be individually combined. Simple screw joints provide uncomplicated assembly. The concept offers the possibility for the player, to adapt the instrument to his individual needs and makes the harmonicas of the MS series especially flexible and attractive.
If you choose one of four pre-configured models or your own combination of comb, lid and reedplates, the Hohner MS series offers an individuality like never before.
Furthermore, all instruments of the MS series are handmade in Germany.


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