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Bare Knuckle Irish Tour Set « Electric Guitar PickupBare Knuckle Irish Tour Set, Electric Guitar Pickup€ 219,-

Irish Tour

Bridge Pickup: 7,4 kOhms
Middle Pickup: 6,3 kOhms
Neck Pickup: 6,3 kOhms

Tone:The Irish Tour single coils take the 42 AWG plain enamel wind to the max with a clarity and depth that can only be achieved through hand-winding. Although big strings and strong hands result in a huge tone, the powerful output of the Irish Tour coils allows mere mortals an equally big and gutsy sound.

Low notes have a fuller, richer tone with more weight in the mids while the high strings respond with a rounder chime and warmer harmonics.

Applications: Blues, Funk, Indie, Pop, Garage, Punk & Classic Rock.