Peavey ReValver MK III HP

Peavey ReValver MK III HP, FX Plugin

Item number: 100059791
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FX Plugin • Peavey Amp and Effects Emulation Software • 64-Bit Amp Modelling Software • 6 Amp Models including 6505, Classic, Valveking • 10 Stomp Box Models • 75 Speaker Simulations • VST, AU compatible ASIO/WDM, CoreAudio • Standalone or Plugin • The Peavey ReValver HP virtual amplifier tone modelling FX plugin software captures the true sound of a vacuum tube. ReValver HP includes six virtual models of some of Peavey’s finest tube amplifiers, as well as thrity incredible linkable sub modules that model stomp box and rack effect legends. Whether you're using ReValver HP as a standalone virtual amplifier or use it with your favorite recording software, you can count on it to deliver accurate tube amp tones. Put the sound of a tube amp right into your computer with the ReValver HP FX Plugin!