Pearl 2000 H2000 Eliminator

Pearl 2000 H2000 Eliminator , Hi-Hat Stand

Item number: 4501162
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Hi-Hat Stand • Braces: Double Braced • Number of Feet: 2 • Drive: Looped chain tension • Spring Tension: Adjustable • Special Features: Rotatable legs • Accessories: 3 Interchangeable cams, Tuning key, Hexagonal key • Pearl Eliminator HiHat stand double-braced, 2 adjustable legs The Eliminator 2-leg Hi-Hat Stand is the smoothest, quietest, most natural feeling Hi-Hat pedal ever made. It features the same interchangeable CAM system as Eliminator Bass Drum Pedals. The H-2000 joins the Eliminator family with many of the same key characteristics of its sibling, the Eliminator bass drum pedal. Some of these features are for the first time on a hi-hat! The most notable is the Interchangeable Cam Drive System. This key component offers four separate interchangeable cams in the likeness of our Eliminator bass drum pedal, all of which can be switched quickly, and easily to create a specific action or desired feel. Also included is the “VariSet Pull Cam: fully adjustable it works in conjunction with the Interchangeable Cam Drive. Its Primary job is to provide footboard height adjustment, but foremost it offers the ability to choose the section of the cam lobe to be used during the stroke greatly affecting the feel. Together this is the PosiLink Twin Cam Drive System offering you complete control over the H-2000 hi-hat. Also included; the PowerShifter heel adjustment; TractionPlate footboard; SuperGrip clutch; Precision Spring Tension dial; Reversible Spike/ Rubber feet; and a swivelling Dual Leg base, all combined allow you a virtual tailors-fit of this hihat to your own individual style.