Overtone Labs Tune Bot

Overtone Labs Tune Bot, Tuner

Item number: 10075324
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Tuner • Drum Tuner • Tuner for Drum Heads • Instrument: Drums • Tuning measurement on the tuning srcews
Measurement of the overall tuning
Frequency and Note modes
Overtone filter
80+ Memory slots
Easily readable display with backlight
Clip for rim mounting
Tuning table and recommendations With the Tune-Bot Overtone Labs offers a small but fine electronic drum tuner. A great benefit for beginners and profis alike due to the easy to use Tune-Bot. After Tune-Bot is mounted on the rim, the Head can be highly accurately tuned by hitting the area around the lugs. It also works "quick and dirty" by striking the center of the head. The really comfortable feature of the Tune-Bot is the fact that you can store all settings/tunings so that they are always available. Overtone Labs Tune-Bot helps: Uniformity of tuning screws Measure and adjust the sound or the tension Tuning the Toms in intervals Return to optimal drum sound by detuning
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