Orange Tiny Terror Head

Orange Tiny Terror Head, Guitar Amp Head

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Guitar Amp Head • Technology: Valve • Power: 15 W • Channels: 1 • EQ: 1x Tone • Pre Amp Valves: 2x 12AX7 • Power Amp Valves: 2x EL84 • Impedance: 8/16 ohms • Including: Bag • Dimensions: 30,3 x 19 x 15,3 • Weight: 5,5 kg • Country of Origin: Made in China • Orange Tiny Terror, the all valve 15-watt Class-A guitar head amp with a two stage preamp for massive tonal range! When driven, the Tiny Terror matches most four stage lead channels for gain. The Orange Tiny Terror is a portable Class-A valve guitar head amp using 2 x EL84 output valves and 2 x 12AX7 preamp valves for pure valve tone. Switchable power output of 15 or 7 watts mean full crunched valve tone is available regardless of the Tiny Terror output volume, great for studio use and recording. One 2-stage channel balances compression as gain increases, resulting in gain levels similar to a 4-stage channel when driven flat out. Drive an Orange PPC112 1x12-inch cab for a total Orange experience. The Orange Tiny Terror offers 15-watts of the real boutique British valve sound! Class-A circuitry means the Orange Tiny Terror output valves are producing both positive and negative halves of the output signal. Though less efficient than Class-B circuitry, Class A creates an output signal rich in even order harmonics for full and complex tones. Which is why guitarists tolerate the weight and heat of Class A valve amps. Using the Standby switch on the Orange Tiny Terror allows the valves to warm up or to remain warm without high voltage being applied to them. This extends the valves life. Allow the Orange Tiny Terror to warm up for 20 seconds before switching from STANDBY to the ON position, and during breaks, the Tiny Terror should be switched into STANDBY mode.