Orange OR100 Black

Orange OR100 Black, Guitar Amp Head

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Guitar Amp Head • Technology: Valve • Power: 100 W • Channels: 2 • EQ: Bass/mids/treble • Inserts: Series • Pre Amp Valves: 4x 12AX7 & 1x 12AT7 • Power Amp Valves: 4x EL34 • Impedance: 8/16 ohms • Dimensions: 55 x 27 x 28 cm • Weight: 25,0 kg • Country of Origin: Made in England • Switchable to 100/70/50/30 Watt • Class A / B • Two foot-switchable boost functions • Tube-buffered effect path
The Orange OR-100 Head is the first 2-channel top from the OR series. The clean channel corresponds to the classic Orange Graphic amplifier from the 70s - non master with powerful bass range, the Overdrive channel offers 3 gain stages and covers the range from Classic Rock to vintage Thrash. The equipment also includes a tube-buffered effect path and a switchable Power-soak, which limits the output power to 70, 50, or 30 watts. In addition, both channels can be boosted by 3 dB.