Olympus LS-3

Olympus LS-3, Digital Recorder

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Digital Recorder • Inputs: Line in jack, 3,5 mm mini jack • Outputs: 3,5 mm stereo mini-jack; headphones 3,5 mm mini-jack • Audio resolution: 24 Bit / 96 kHz • Recording channels: 2 • Recording format: WAV, WMA and MP3 • Capacity: 4GB internal • Recording medium: MicroSD card • Playback channels: 2 • Computer connection: USB 2.0 • Built-in speaker: No • Backlit Display: Yes • Intergated microphone: Yes, Stereo • Power supply: 2x AA alkaline batteries • Special Features: Third, in the mid-positioned microphone • 1st application: Mobile recording • 2nd Application: Practice recorder • Includes windscreen, carrying pouch and wrist strap, USB cable, Ni-MH batteries and Sonority software • With the Olympus LS-3 you can have it all: Superb sound quality, smooth operation and a durable, take-me-anywhere design concept that fits in literally every pocket. Despite its minimal weight - just 90g with batteries - and its incredibly small size, you’ll find many examples of advanced sound engineering: Awesome superior-to-CD quality sound due to the 24bit/96kHz PCM format, two directional microphones with 90° orientation for most natural stereo recording, plus an omni-directional centre microphone capable of capturing lower bass ranges with stunning clarity. If it’s a bit hectic you will love the pre-recording option, which enables you to start recording up to 2 seconds before you press the recording button. The built-in 4GB memory enables, for instance, 65 hours of recording time in popular mp3 format (128 kbps). If that’s still not enough you can extend the recording capacity using the microSD(HC) card slot. Furthermore, the LS-3 comes with rechargeable Ni-MH batteries and an internal USB charging function ideal for people on the move. Whether you’re a musician looking to record practice sessions, shows or song ideas, a nature enthusiast with a passion for capturing bird songs, a journalist, choir or theatre director, or simply anyone who demands exceptionally clear, crisp sound, the pocket-sized LS-3 is must-have gear. Pocket-sized linear PCM recorder with 24bit/96kHz sampling rate 3 microphones (stereo directional MIC and centre omni-directional MIC) 4GB internal memory plus microSD(HC) slot Pre-recording: starts up to 2 seconds before recording button is pressed WAV/WMA/MP3 recording formats Rechargeable batteries & USB charging function Partial Erase, File divide, move and copy