Novina Palm A041

Novina Palm A041, Djembe

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Djembe • Diameter: 8" (20,32 cm) • Body Material: Palmwood • Skin type: Goat skin • Colour / Finish: Natural • Strain system: Rope strain • Height: 45 cm • Special Features: Hand carved • Djembe from Novina A041 Made from Palmwood 24 cm diameter 45 cm high A Djembe (also jembe, yembe, sanbanyi in Susu) is a kind of drum shaped like a large goblet and meant to be played with bare hands. As a result of the goblet shape, striking the skin in the center produces a lower pitch sound than striking the skin near the rim. Striking the skin near the center produces a bass note; striking the skin near the rim can produce either a tone or slap note, depending on the technique used. The slap has a higher pitch than the tone. The djembe first made an impact outside West Africa in the 1950s Novina Percussion A new name for a traditional sound. With Novina we bring you the sounds from all over the world. Made in the best handcrafted tradition with traditional materials. From Africa Novina brings you djembe´s, doum doum´s, kenkeni´s, bou-gra-bous and sangbhan drums. But they don´t only offer you drums but also other African instruments too, like the berimbau and the saranghi. Classic Turkish drums like the darbuka and the zarbuk are there, as are the saz and the gumbus. From the far east Novina brings you the Indian tabla and harmonium, Chinese manjira´s and Indonesian gongs. There is also a large selection of instruments from Latin and South America.