Novina A046

Novina A046, Rainmaker

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Rainmaker • Length: 25 cm • Diameter: 4 - 6 cm • Material: Cactus • Special Features: Made from dead woody Cacti • Rainmaker from Novina A046 25cm long, 4-6cm diameter You´ll be relaxed by the long lasting, soothing sound of this nice small sized cactus design rain stick. The Rainmaker comes from the north of Chile. It originates from the very dry Atacama area, where the Disaguitas Indians first made the Rainmaker for their rain ceromonies. It is made from the Copado cactus. Only dead, hollow cacti are used. The spikes are removed and inserted into the inside of the cactus. The Rainmaker is then filled with small pebbles and sealed at both ends. When the Rainmaker is overturned the pebbles falls from one spike to the next. In this way a uniform sound like flowing water or the splatter of heavy rain is created. This is a fascinating musical instrument the sound of which reminds one of the life-giving force of water.