Novation  Launchpad Sleve

Novation Launchpad Sleve, MIDI Controller

Item number: 10018383
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MIDI Controller • Accessories • Fitted Soft Carrying Case for Novation Launchpad, with Internal Straps and Zipper • Form-fitting neoprene construction is tailord for your Launchpad • Internal straps keep your Launchpad in place • Handy zip-up configuration for easy access • Co-designed by Novation and Ableton • Black with white Ableton and Novation Launchpad logos • Does your Novation Launchpad controller travel? Then you need the Launchpad Sleeve to get it there and back safely! Novation and Ableton outfitted this neoprene sleeve with internal straps to hold your Launchpad in place. The convenient zip-up configuration makes it easy to access or pack up.