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Roland TD-1DMK V-Drum Set
Electronic Drum Kit Roland TD-1DMK V-Drum SetElectronic Drum Kit Roland TD-1DMK V-Drum Set (2)Electronic Drum Kit Roland TD-1DMK V-Drum Set (3)Electronic Drum Kit Roland TD-1DMK V-Drum Set (4)Electronic Drum Kit Roland TD-1DMK V-Drum Set (5)Electronic Drum Kit Roland TD-1DMK V-Drum Set (6)

Roland TD-1DMK V-Drum Set

  • Product code: TD-1KPX2
  • Display: 7 Segment, 3 characters (LED)
  • Sounds: 8 styles
  • Drum Kits Presets: 15
  • Trigger inputs: Trigger In : Trigger IN (DB-25) (Kick, Snare, Tom 1, Tom 2, Tom 3, Hi-Hat, Crash, Ride, Hi-Hat Control)
  • Line in: MIX IN: Stereo Mini Jack
  • Outputs: OUTPUT/PHONES: Stereo Mini Jack
  • Accessories: AC mains adapter, E-Drum Bag Roland CB TDP
  • Please note: ATTENTION! Delivery without foot machine

Roland TD-1DMK V-Drum Set · Electronic Drum Kit

The TD-1KPX Drum Kit is the latest addition to the portable V-Drums series. Despite its ultra-compact dimensions and low weight, the TD-1KPX has a robust stand, and V-Pads with Mesh Heads for snare and toms, which provide a natural rebound and a realistic playing experience. The innovative folding design allows the folding of the stand in a matter of seconds, without having to remove the pads and cymbals which allows easy transport or storage. The preparation of the TD-1KPX is just as fast, so that the TD-1KPX is practical for home, rehearsals and performances. Choose your foot pedal or opt for a V-Drums kick pedal and go for it!

Roland V-Drums
The Roland V-Drums offer a wide range of E-Drums, Drum modules and matching electronic percussion. Principal components of the V-Drums are the electric Drums. These vary in terms of price and complexity. Accessories such as individual pads, percussion pads, cymbal pads (E-Cymbals) Cymbal bags for E-Cymbals, Triggers, brackets and hardware such as Cymbalstands and modules are also available separately.

Like most electronic drum modules the modern V- Drums are MIDI compatible. This function allows the user to control not only his V-Drums kit with the module, but also other MIDI-compatible instruments such as Sampler. The other way around the V-Drums can also be controlled by other MIDI-compatible instruments. Like most e-Drums V-Drums can also be connected to a PA system or another amplifier or headphones and to recording equipment.


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