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Korg is a manufacturer of electronic music instruments and accessories. Korg was founded by Tsutomu Kato and Tadashi Osanai as Keio Electronic Laboratories in Japan in 1962.

The first product the company made in 1963 was an electromagnetic rhythm machine called Disc Rotary Electric Auto Rhythm machine or Donca matic DA-20. Encouraged by the success of the DA-20 the DE-20 was introduced in 1966.
Kato was approached in 1967 by the engineer Fumio Mieda who was seeking to build keyboards, Kato asked him to produce a prototype and 18 months later Mieda returned with a programmable organ. Keio sold the organ under the name Korg, made from combining keio with organ. A nummber of Keios organs were made and sold well in the late 60´s and early 70´s.
Driven by the strong competition from other big organ manufacturers, Kato was looking for alternatives. In 1973 the Mini-Korg was released to the market and Korg steddely made a name in the synthesizer market. In 1988 the Korg M1 was presented and became the greatest succsess in company history it also broke ground for a whole new typ of synthesizer, the Music workstation.
In 1987, Yamaha acquired a controlling interest in Korg´s stock. The takeover of the company was amicable, with Kato drawing up the terms. Korg kept its name and its product line. A further achievement was made with the Hammond-Organ simulation "Korg CX-3", which now is celebrating it´s revival.
The company Korg can look back in pride to its tradition in the Keyboard, -Systhesizer and Organ production. For the past decades the Japanese based company has offered a wide spectrum of high-grade products and always surprises us with innovationss. Every Korg product is made to make work with it easy no matter if at professional or Kreative level. This is also why so many top Bands trust Korg Products.