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For many guitarists, the name Dave Friedman does not signify such as Eddie Van Halen, Steve Stevens and Jerry Cantrell. But without Friedman's expert help would be Van Halen, Stevens and Cantrell - and also a lot of other guitarists - neither on the stage, even in a studio sound as fantastic as we know of them. His company Rack Systems Friedman has spent the past 25 years assembled the equipment from some of the most famous guitarists either, modified or repaired. Rack Systems specializes in high class, road-ready switching systems and sophisticated rack or pedal boards. Friedman's innovative designs have made him into the world of professional touring guitarist for more than legend and meticulous construction of his rack systems products worldwide has given him a loyal clientele.

The modification of amps on the exact phonetic representations of their owners for many years was one of Friedman's special services. His extensive experience in this field, which helped him on the one hand, to construct a great rig for the crème de la crème of Topgitarristen and maximize the demand for its modifications, Friedman inspired to develop under the name Friedman Amplification own amplifier series. A first for Friedman, who works normally face to face with the sizes of the guitar world.

Previously you needed a certain level of recognition, so Dave Friedman built a one amp or modified. From now on its tonal magic is accessible to anyone.