Yamaha YSL-354 E

Yamaha YSL-354 E, Tenor trombone

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Tenor trombone • Tenor Trombone • Stemming: Bb • Boring: M 12,7 mm (0,5") • Beker grootte: 204.4 mm (8") • Materiaal: Messing • Beker materiaal: Messing • Materiaal Schuif: Messing met nikkelzilver buiten slide • Finish: Goudlak • Mondstuk maat: Yamaha SL-48S • Mondstuk schacht: smal • Kleppen: ohne Ventil • Overbrenging: Buitenslide nikkelzilver/binnenslide nikkelzilver • Accessoires: Koffer, Mondstuk, Slidecream, Onderhoudsdoek • Gemaakt in: China • YSL-354 Standard Tenor Trombone from Yamaha Yamaha’s Standard Model tenor trombone features many of the qualities of their top pro models, yet is available at a surprisingly affordable price. The response is quick, the intonation accurate, and the sound both rich and full. The YSL-354 is also available in silver-plate finish. Features: Yellow-brass bell: 204.4mm (8") Bore: 12.7mm (0.500") Lacquer finish Mouthpiece: 48 With silver-plate (YSL-354S) In Bb Has 3 piston-valves