Shure PSM 200/S5
in-ear monitoring system Shure PSM 200/S5in-ear monitoring system Shure PSM 200/S5 (2)

Shure PSM 200/S5

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  • Stereo/Mono: Mono
  • Schakelbare frequenties: ja
  • Bouwtype zender: 9,5"/1U
  • Display zender: LED-display
  • Zender aansluiting: 2x Neutrik-Combo; 6,3 mm Hoofdtelefoonaansluiting
  • Display ontvanger: nee
  • Ontvanger aansluiting: Mini-jack, Stereo
  • Inclusief Limiter: ja
  • Inclusief Oortjes: ja
  • Extra oorstukjes: nee
  • Bijzonderheden: TransMixer - zender met geïntegreerde 2-kanaals mixer, draadloos en vaste te gebruiken

Shure PSM 200/S5 · in-ear monitoring system

Shure PSM 200 personal monitor systems
Get In Ear from Here

The P2TRE2 wireless personal monitor system with mix control consists of the P2T Wireless Transmixer, the P2R Hybrid Bodypack Reciever, and the E2 Dynamic Driver Earphones.

Whether you´re playing live or rehearsing, you need to hear yourself to be your best. That´s what monitoring is all about. Yet some performers still struggle with booming floor wedge monitors and loud stage volume. Introducing the PSM 200 - the personal monitoring break through that performers have been waiting for. Featuring smart, versatile components that grow with you as your needs change, the PSM 200 series is a practical alternative to floor wedges for performers who want to start out In Ear and stay there.

The P2T Wireless TransMixer is another breakthrough design for in-ear monitoring. It allows the user to connect two line-level or mic–level inputs directly into the transmitter. The two signals can then be mixed independently. You can connect microphones or instruments directly to the inputs, use line outputs from a mixing console, or connect it to Shure´s AuxPander. In short, no matter what the output device, you can probably plug it into the TransMixer.

Built-in audio limiter
Front mounted antenna
Two mic/line input channels for mix control
1/2 Rack space
Operating Controls
Input level control
Frequency select
LED Indicators
Tri-color input level
Two Mic/line, XLR-1/4 in. combo input channels
Two XLR split outputs

P2R Hybrid Bodypack Receiver
The P2R Receiver is the world´s first bodypack receiver to function as a wired receiver, a wireless receiver, or both at the same time. This and other unique features, along with excellent sound quality, make the P2R an exceptional value.

Features :
Can operate as a wired or wireless bodypack, or both simulaneously
Frequency locator
Built-in headphone limiter
Integrated cable management
High-impact plastic chassis
1/4" Line inpit jack with high/low gain switch
Operating Controls
Volume knob
Frequency select
LED Indicators
RF reception
Low Battery

E2 Dynamic Driver Earphones
Single high energy drivers deliver full range sound and isolation from outside noise.

Transducer Type: dynamic high energy
Sensitivity (at 1 kHz): 105 dB SPL/mW
Impedance (at 1 kHz) 16 ohms
Output Connector: Gold-plated stereo, 3.5 mm (1/8-inch) phone plug
Cable Length: 1.57 m (62 inches)


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