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Alt saxofoon Selmer SE-A3L-Set Serie III

Selmer SE-A3L-Set Serie III

  • Stemming: Eb
  • Body materiaal: Messing
  • Materiaal hals: Messing
  • Materiaal Mechnieken: Messing
  • Afwerking: Goudlak
  • Hoge F#-toets
  • Duimhaken: Metaal, verstelbaar
  • Stoffering: met metaal resonator
  • Accessoires: Koffer, Selmer-mondstuk, onderhoudsmiddel
  • Geproduceerd in: Frankrijk

Selmer SE-A3L-Set Serie III · Alt saxofoon

Series III Eb alto saxophone from Selmer
Gold-lacquer finish with engraving

Every new "Selmer" has always been an important event and a new milestone in the history of Saxophone, widely contributing to the evolution of instrument manufacturing.

Since the release of Selmer´s very first saxophone in December 1921 (model 22), every new model has shown Selmer-Paris´ ability to innovate and a capacity to improve what sometimes would have seemed a totally accomplished instrument.

This successfull process is, of course, based on Selmer´s instrumental knowledge and an efficient manufacturing organisation, but first and foremost as a result of the close relation to Selmers customers, the musicians!

The "SERIE III" Alto saxophone goes on writing the story of the "Selmer Sound" : free and centered, the instrument offers a very pleasant playability. It responds to the slightest breath or tongue modulation so that the player can really express his musical personnality. Some new features, sucj as the double C# mechanism (Selmer patent), create a perfectly stable overall tuning and a well-balanced high register.
Thanks to its acoustic and working qualities, its ergonomy, it is the saxophone of our time.

Tune : E-flat
Keys : lacquered brass or silver plated
High F key
Automatic double C#
Model with harmonic key (optional)
Thumbrest (left hand ) in solid brass
Removable thumbrest (right hand ) in solid brass
Blue steel needle springs
Leather pads with metal boosters
Mouthpiece Selmer-Paris " S 80 / C* "
"Light" case


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