Alesis SR-16
Drum Computer Alesis SR-16Drum Computer Alesis SR-16 (2)

Alesis SR-16

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  • Produktcode: SR-16
  • Geluiden: 233 Studiodrum- en Perkussionsounds, met Bassdrums, Snares, Toms, Becken en Hi-Hats
  • Pads: 12
  • Songs: 100 geheugenslots voor eigen songs
  • Preset Patronen: 50
  • Drum Kits: 50 Presetpatterns
  • Voetschakelaar t.b.v.: Start/Stop, Count/A/B/Fill
  • Midi: out / thru
  • Uitgangen: L/R, AUX Left/AUX Right
  • A/C Adapter: Optioneel
  • Bijzonderheden: Volledige MIDI implementatie maakt het werken met sequences en midi-controllers makkelijker

Alesis SR-16 · Drum Computer

The Classic Drum Machine for Composition, Recording and Accompaniment
As one of the most popular drum machines ever made, the SR-16™ has been used by everyone from songwriters to live performers to remix engineers as their drum machine of choice. The reason is simple: it features a great selection of 233 realistic, natural drum sounds, offered both in dry form and sampled with our incomparable digital reverbs. Our exclusive Dynamic Articulation™ feature enables a drum sound to change its tonal content as it´s played harder for truly realistic performances. The SR-16 features 50 preset patterns that were actually played in by top studio drummers, not just programmed and quantized. You´ll find enough built-in rhythmic variations (with A, B and two Fill sections) for composing complete arrangements, and you can create and save your own customized patterns and songs. Plus, the SR-16 also provides complete MIDI implementation, a footswitch input, flexible programming and editing features and velocity-sensitive pad buttons. Plus, it´s so easy to use that you´ll be up-and-running and composing new music in minutes. Whether you need a songwriting partner or an accompanyist for live performance, turn to the all-time world standard in drum machines: the SR-16.


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