Nino NINO950OR
Cajon Nino NINO950ORCajon Nino NINO950OR (2)Cajon Nino NINO950OR (3)

Nino NINO950OR

  • Playing surface: Birch
  • Body Material: Birch
  • External Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 40 cm
  • Snare effect: Snare
  • Special Features: Rubber feet, amplified sound hole, orange front panel with green NINO logo
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Nino NINO950OR · Cajon

Kids Cajon with natural birch body and orange faceplate

NINO® cajons especially for children, owing to their small size, are however sound wise right up there with their bigger relatives. Using only the finest materials ensures a long service life. The NINO® Cajons are also an interesting option for professionals to enrich their sound repertoire with these beautifully crafted instruments. The model NINO950OR offers a showy orange faceplate. All NINO Cajons feature a snare wire, rubber feet and an amplified sound hole.

Cajon · Nino NINO950OR

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