Nino 702

Nino 702

  • External Dimensions: Small size
  • Colour / Finish: Natural
  • Core material: Wood / Tin coat corrugated
  • Pellet material: Steel
  • Special Features: Wooden handle
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Nino 702 · Cabasa

Medium Cabasa Nino 702 from Meinl

The NINO® Cabasa is made from a wooden cylinder covered with a rippled metal plate, which is surrounded by a net of metal beads. Holding the handle with one hand and scratching the metal beads with the other hand on the metal plate creates the classic cabasa sound. The smaller 2” model was especially designed for a child’s hand.

Sizes: Small or Medium

Material: Steel chain and cylinder

Features: Ergonomically shaped wooden handle

Cabasa · Nino 702

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