Multiform MultiFoot LC400F

Multiform MultiFoot LC400F, LED Lights

Item number: 10016075
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LED Lights • LED Controller • Foot controller for the Multiform Multi-LED LC-300H • Made from powder-coated steel sheet • 5 m 6.3mm jack connecting cable • Foe controlling Blackout, Run / All On, Function, Tap / Mood • Dimensions (WxHxD): 353 x 76 x 100 mm • Weight: 1.1 kg • The MultiFoot LC400F is the matching foot-operated remote control for the LC300H (otional – not included) , which can also be used with other suitable Multiform products such as the LS4195 MultiBar Eco, to control the BLACK OUT mode, the ALL ON mode, the STROBE mode and tap tempo remotely. Input: 1/4" TRS for Multiform controllers Size: WxHxD: 353 x 76 x 100mm Weight: 1.1kg