Multiform Multi-LED LC-300H

Multiform Multi-LED LC-300H, LED Lights

Item number: 100050563
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LED Lights • LED Controller • 10 Chaser programs combinable with 10 Colour moods = 100 selectable presets • Structure of presets adjustable depending on number of connected fixtures: 1×3, 2×3, 1×4 and 2×4 configurations available • 4 Operation modes:
BLACK OUT (all fixtures off)
STROBE (all fixtures flash with selectable color, dim level and speed)
ALL ON (all fixtures on with selectable color and dim level)
PATTERN (fixtures follow one of 10 chase patterns with one of 10 color moods with selectable dim level and adjustable transition time) • Speed for pattern mode can be determined in three ways: Either by means of a rotary control on the front panel, or by tapping along the music on the tap tempo button, or by the internal sound-to-light circuit • Sound-to-light circuit with sophisticated MULTIGAIN® AGC-circuit (automatic gain control) for perfect sensitivity; input either by internal microphone or by external signal fed into the provided ¼’’ TRS socket (transformer isolated) • 4×14 Segment large LED display, status LEDs for all main functions • Powder-coated all metal case with detachable mounting brackets (included) • External power supply (included) • Compatible with optional MultiFoot LC400F foot remote (not included) to control the BLACK OUT mode, the ALL ON mode, the STROBE mode and tap tempo remotely • The MultiLED LC300H RGB handheld LED controller is specifically designed to work with Multiform RGB LED fixtures and gives access to the most frequently used show parameters such as chaser patterns, color choices, scene settings and strobe options at the touch of a button. The internal presets can be adjusted in key parameters but no programming or understanding of RGB colour mixing is necessary, which makes the whole system “plug-andplay”. Bands, mobile DJs, small clubs and venues as well as commercial applications from exhibition to display and shop lighting will find this ingenious small controller the best and most versatile way to control their rig. Inputs: 1/4" TRS for LC400F, 1/4" TRS for external audio Output: 3-pin XLR (DMX512/1990) Supply: 12V DC (adaptor supplied) / [100-240V AC, 50-60Hz] Size: WxHxD: 92 x 132 x 52mm Weight: 0.6kg