Morley Tripler George Lynch

Morley Tripler George Lynch, Little Helper

Item number: 100009430
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Little Helper • Switcher • Links up to 3 amps and switches independently or combines them in any way • Boost knob compensates for volume loss when 3 channels are used simultaneously • Housed in cold rolled steel case • LED indication for each channels • Runs of 9V battery or optional Morley adapter • The Morley George Lynch Tripler Pedal routes one guitar to up to three amps. A lot of players, including George Lynch, want to be able to hook three amplifiers and switch each independently or in any combination. Morley has designed the Tripler to do this and added a boost knob that increases the signal strength of the entire Tripler output to compensate for lost volume when using three channels simultaneously. The Morley Tripler is housed in a cold rolled steel case for years of use and abuse. Comes with LED indication for each channel and runs on one 9V battery or optional Morley adapter.