Morley AB-Y, A/B Box

Morley AB-Y, A/B Box, Little Helper

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Little Helper • Switcher • Selector/Combiner 2-button Footswitch • Lets you route one signal to two outputs or two inputs to one output • Choose A, B, or A and B combined • LEDs show you which signal is active • Unit is passive and will work without battery (9V battery required for LED indicator only) • Cold Rolled-steel housing • Dimensions - 5-1/4" x 3-1/4" x 2" • The Morley ABY selector / combiner footswitch can be used in a variety of situations; the choice between two inputs/one output, or one input/two outputs gives the user many options. You can run a signal to a pair of amps for true stereo effect; switch between two amps for dirty/clean tones; bypass that noisy boutique stomp box or your entire pedal setup altogether; simultaneously run a keyboard and guitar through your effects chain, and more. Basically, you can route one signal to two outputs or two inputs to one output, then select between them or combine them.