Morley A/B/C

Morley A/B/C, Little Helper

Item number: 10011406
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Little Helper • Switcher • Selector/ Combiner Pedal with 3 Footswitches, Indicator LEDs, and True-bypass Switching • Routes 1 guitar to 3 amps, or 3 guitars to 1 amp • Lets you select or combine as needed • LEDs for channel on/off indication • True bypass • Powers from optional Morley adapter (not included) or from one 9-volt battery • Cold rolled-steel housing • Does your guitar rig use multiple amplifiers? Do you use more than one guitar during your gig? Don't struggle with cables and pedals, or constantly plug and unplug. Use Morley's ABC selector/ combiner pedal. The three true-bypass switches (each with its own LED indicator) let you switch among or combine three different amps. Or, if you use different guitars throughout your set, you can keep up to three of them plugged into the ABC pedal and have each one ready - at the tap of a footswitch! The ABC pedal features road-tough steel construction and a clean, stage-friendly layout.