Mollenhauer Mod. Alt 5926

Mollenhauer Mod. Alt 5926, Alto Recorder

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Alto Recorder • Finger style: Baroque • Material: Pear • Type: 3 piece • Finish: Natural • Technology: Double flap • Features: Double key F-F# • Head: Wooden head • Tuning: F a' = 442 Hz • Accessories: case and care set, finger chart • The Modern Alto recorder resulted from a joint project with the recorder player Nik Tarasov and the recorder maker Joachim Paetzold in 1996 . It is the first modern recorder that was built on the principle of harmonic recorders with purely vocal overtones: When Overblowing the positions on the first octave will sound a pure harmonic overtone, while in traditional recorders these sounds are dirty, at best, as Trill or piano usable tones. This, at first sight, inconspicuous capability of harmonic recorders has extensive consequences on sound and tonal range of the entire instrument ...