Moen GEC438

Moen GEC438, Little Helper

Item number: 10059419
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Little Helper • Audio Looper • Effects loop system • 8 programmable presets • Anti POP noise-free circuit for auxiliary switch • Mute switch activates the tuner output • Switchable input buffer • Programmable sequence of loops, for example "FX1-> FX2 FX3->" or "FX2-> FX3-> FX1" • Power supply via standard 9V DC power adapter, not included • Dimensions: 360 (L) x90 (W) x30 (H) mm • The Moen GEC438 is a programmable FX Pedal Switcher at a sensational price! Store up to 8 presets, noise-free switching, selectable buffered or non-buffered input. Ultra Compact, sturdy and durable metal housing.