Moeck Steenbergen 5214

Moeck Steenbergen 5214, Soprano Recorder

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Soprano Recorder • Tuning: C, a' = 415 Hz • Material: Boxwood • Head: Wooden head • Finish: Natural • Finger style: Baroque • Technology: Double hole • Type: 3 piece • Features: Barrock timbre, Supple highs • Accessories: Case, Cleaning rod, Certificate, Finger chart, Care set, • Steenbergen recorders [/ ] More unique than series recorders are the MOECK-Steenbergen recorders (soprano and alto) modelled on originals from the Bruggen originals collection. The recorders have a very narrow wind tunnel, which leads the air nearly almost over the labium. So they are very resilient even under varying breath pressure in dynamics and articulation. They also react well in the higher notes and are characterized by their "typically baroque" bright sound. Moeck Steenbergen Soprano recorders are available in 442 Hz or 415 Hz.