MI Audio Neo Fuzz

MI Audio Neo Fuzz, Guitar Effect

Item number: 10020562
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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Fuzz • Technology: Analog • Special Features: True bypass • Vintage fuzz tone powered by two hand-selected Germanium transistors • 8 controls for dialing in the perfect fuzz tone • Huge gain range • Selected Germanium transistors • Input Impedance control • Bias control for each transistor • Body control for mids • Tone control for bass and highs • Bright switch • Internal Gain control • The MI Audio Neo Fuzz effects pedal delivers the crème de la crème of vintage fuzz tone powered by a pair of hand-selected germanium transistors. Ultimate flexibility comes from eight controls for Fuzz, Load, Bias, Body, Tone, Volume, Tame switch, and an internal gain trimmer. Gain control: Sets huge gain range, from nothing to sustain. It can be used as a low-gain device for a fat, bluesy bit) or for all-out fuzz. Internal gain trimmer: Internal control to limit gain. Load control: This is a variable input impedance used to match the Neo Fuzz to humbuckers or single-coil pickups. Bias control: To set up the operating point of the transistors, from a fat, symmetrical fuzz to an asymmetrical buzz, or a gated synth-like sound. Body control: Dedicated midrange control—the most important frequencies for determining how your tone sits in with the rest of the band. Tone control: Controls both the lows and highs as opposed to being a high cut filter. The combination of the Tone and Body controls is like having a 3-band EQ at your disposal. Volume control: Use to overdrive your amp.
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