MI Audio Crunch Box

MI Audio Crunch Box, Guitar Effect

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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Distortion • Technology: Analog • Special Features: True bypass • High Gain British Distortion at its best • Internal Presence switch for fine tuning • 9V Battery or up to 25V via optional AC adapter • The MI Audio Crunch Box Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal provides high-gain British amp distortion in a stompbox. MI Audio did a careful study of the way that modern British style amps get their overdrive and found that there was a very big concentration of the frequency information in the midrange. The Crunch Box distortion pedal captures the huge crunch of a Marshall amp and has become one of MI Effects most popular pedals. Simple and straightforward, with just gain, tone, volume and an internal presence control, the Crunch Box is based on a multiple clipping architecture where the signal is clipped 3 times. In the lower gain range, the pedal's tone is very punchy and throaty rhythm sounds. As the gain is wound up, the Crunch Box develops a singing lead tone. Pinch harmonics are a breeze. The tone control has a wide sweep with a lot of top end. An Internal Presence Control helps control the 'shape' of the pedal. By winding up the presence control, the lows won't feel as powerful and creates the effect of giving the pedal even more top end. The Internal Presence Control is very useful if you wish to match the Crunch Box to your amp because some amps can be a lot brighter/darker than others.
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