Mesa Boogie Triaxis, programmierbar

Mesa Boogie Triaxis, programmierbar, Guitar Preamp

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Guitar Preamp • Technology: Valve • MIDI: yes • Inserts: Series • Recording Out: yes • Pre Amp Valves: 5x 12AX7 • Outputs: 4x ¼" Jack • Design: 19", 1U • Special Features: Programmable • Preamp from Mesa Boogie Triaxis TriAxis programmable Preamp FEATURES: Handbuilt in the USA 5x12AX7 8 Modes (MK I / Vintage Fat Clean, MK IV / Hyper-Clean, MK I / Lead, MK I / Gain Boost,Classic British Lead, MK IV / Medium Gain, MK IIC+/ Classic High Gain & MK III / Searing Gain) 90 User Preset Locations/128 Midi Program Locations Midi In/Out/Thru Midi Continuous Control (any or all parameters) Midi Data Transfer Phantom Power (for Footcontroller) Programmable FX Loop w/Stereo Returns 4 Programmable Function Switches (Controls Smart Power™ “Deep, Half Drive or Modern” on select MESA Power amps or controls other outboard gear) Stereo Main & Recording Outputs Eight Preamp Modes: Rhythm Green - Vintage Fat Rhythm (Mark I, Black-face) Rhythm Yellow - Modern hyper-clean Rhythm (Mark IV) Lead 1 Green - Vintage Mark I Lead Lead 1 Yellow - Mark 1 Gain Boost Lead 1 Red - Classic Boogie Lead Lead 2 Green - Medium Gain Boogie Lead Lead 2 Yellow - Classic Boogie Lead (Mark IIC+/Mark IV) Lead 2 Red - searing Boogie Lead
Mesa Boogie