Mesa Boogie Lone Star Rackmount

Mesa Boogie Lone Star Rackmount, Guitar Amp Head

Item number: 10061300
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Guitar Amp Head • Technology: Valve • Power: 100 W • Channels: 2 • Gain Levels: 2 per channel • EQ: Bass / mids / treble per channel • Inserts: Series • Pre Amp Valves: 5x 12AX7 • Power Amp Valves: 4x 6L6 • Effects: Hall / Reverb • Impedance: 4/8 ohms • Including: Footswitch and cover • Special Features: 19" Rackmount Version • Mesa Boogie Lonestar long head All Tube Amp with High Gain, Vintage Sounds Features: Comes standard with blue bronco vinyl and pewer grille Channel Assignable Power Section allows you to assign either 2 or all 4 Power Tubes to each Channel for Power Ratings of 50 or 100 Watts of Class A/B Power / 4x6L6, 5x12AX7, 1x5U4 Bias Select Switch (6L6/EL34) Manual or Auto-Select Tube Rectifier or Silicon Diodes 2 Fully Independent Channels each with Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence, Reverb & Master Controls Channel 1 is dedicated to Boutique Vintage Clean/Breakup Channel 2 is switchable between Clean/Breakup (Cloning Channel 1) and Cascading High Gain High Gain Mode on Channel 2 activates separate “Drive” Control (Multi-Stage Cascading Gain Circuit) Thick/Normal/Thicker Voicing Switch (Channel 2) All-Tube, Long Spring Reverb with Bright/Warm Reverb Tone Switch Output Level Control (over all channels) Footswitchable Solo Level Control (patent pending) All-Tube FX Loop with Send Level Control and True “Hard” Bypass Switch Full Power/Tweed “Variac” Switch Slave Out w/Level Control Fan Cooled External Switching Jacks for Channels 1 / 2 & Solo All Aluminum Chassis 2 Button Footswitch (Channel 1 / 2 & Solo).
Mesa Boogie