MelBay Percussive Slap Bass

MelBay Percussive Slap Bass, Instructional Book

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Instructional Book • Instrument: Electric bass • Author: Chris Matheos • Language: English • Level: medium • Format: 21,0 x 29,7 cm (DIN A4) • Pages: 70 • Year of publication: 1996 • Including: CD • This method book explains how percussive slap bass works with the drums, and how playing percussively will make you "lock" tighter with the drummer. Included are sections on building a percussive groove, pop control, moving patterns, individual string control, slap without pops, slapping with tensions, double pops, slapping with dyads, triplets, Flamenco thumb technique, odd meters, applied grooves, and a special section for a rhythm section workout. Notation and tablature are clearly explained with instructions on left hand muting and many slapping tips. This method will make your grooves sound fuller, making your playing mode more valuable to your rhythm section. Contents: Introduction Left Hand Muting Notation Section 1 - Building a Percussive Groove Section 10 - Flamenco Thumb Technique Section 11 - Odd Meters Section 12 - Applied Grooves Section 13 - Rhythm Section Workout Section 2 - Pop Control Section 3 - Moving Patterns Section 4 - Individual String Control Section 5 - Slap Without Pops Section 6 - Slapping with Tensions Section 7 - Double Pops Section 8 - Slapping with Dyads Section 9 - Triplets Slapping Tips