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MelBay First Lessons Djembe, Instructional Book

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Instructional Book • Instrument: Djembe • Author: Paulo Mattioli • Language: English • Level: Light • Format: 21,0 x 29,7 cm (DIN A4) • Pages: 32 • Year of publication: 2008 • Including: CD + DVD • First Lessons Djembe provides a fun and easy way to learn to play the Djembe. It was conceived for the beginning Djembe player, yet contains information and reference material that is valuable for players at all levels. Playing the Djembe is a lifelong journey of self-expression, as well as self-discovery. While the material presented herein may at first glance seem elementary, the value and importance of it in terms of moving forward on the drumming path with the Djembe is truly invaluable. The fundamentals of playing dynamics and tonality are the benchmarks of mastering musicality on the Djembe and worthy of a lifetime of continued practice and refinement. I encourage you to enjoy this journey every step of the way. Contents: About the Author Paulo Mattioli: Bio and Contacts Introduction: What makes First Lessons Djembe Unique? What’s Included? DVD Book Audio CD The Goals of First Lessons-Djembe Chapter I: Getting Started Using the Book and DVD Practice Sessions Suggested Lesson Plan Proper Playing Positions “The Secret” Hand Positions: Bass, Tone Slap, Mute, Dead Slap, Flams Chapter II: About The Djembe Cultural Origins The Djembe In Contemporary Music Making Chapter III: Drum Tuning Tensioning the Head Online Guide to Tuning Your Drum (weblink) Humidity Factor Chapter IV: Key to Notation Djembe and Dunun Music Notation Key Phonetic Notation Key Note Values Common or 4/4 Time Use of Dotted Notes and Ties to Alter Note Values Repeat Signs Chapter V: Djembe Playing Exercises: Bass, Tone, Slap: DVD Menu selection: Bass/Tone/Slap Exercise 1: Single Bass/Tone/Slap Exercise 2: Double Bass/Double Tone Exercise 3: Quadruple Tone/Slap/Tone/Bass Chapter VI: Traditional Rhythm: Djole Historical and Cultural Information Djole Rhythm Parts and Arrangement: DVD Menu Selection: Rhythms > “Djole” Djembe Part 1 Djembe Part 2 Dunun and Dunun Bell Rhythms Sangban and Sangban Bell Rhythms Kenkeni/Bell Rhythms Chapter VII: Contemporary Djembe Rhythm Parts for the Song “One Rhythm” DVD Menu Selection: Rhythms > “One Rhythm” Djembe Groove Pattern 1 Djembe Groove Pattern 2 Ensemble Play Along: Introduction and Main Groove Pattern Examples “One Rhythm”: Lyrics Continuing on the Drumming Path Resources for Further Learning